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Question 1. What is the benefit of playing club basketball in our program?

By playing club basketball, young players in our program spend time working on skill development. Our players receive quality coaching and hands on instruction, while receiving an abundance of game experience throughout the season. We play great competition which leads to maximum exposure for our players, thus we have a great relationship with college coaches at every level.


Question 2. Why are there costs associated with playing club basketball?

Nothing in life is free, there is always cost involved. We are more affordable than most programs in the city, while we provide more opportunities and a higher quality than other programs. We have a variety levels of teams and programs to fit everyones budget. When families invest in their respective kid(s) the commitment level rises significantly.  Our staff is committed to make every player the best student athlete possible, thus we only need the parents / player support to achieve this goal.


Question 3. How does my child get better by playing in your program?

We guarantee that your child will improve drastically with our program. We offer a variety of programs to improve every facet of a players game. In our program kids will receive in game experience, structured practice and camp sessions. We believe in being hands on with our kids, we spend an abundance of time teaching players to play the game the right way. Any player that plays in our program will improve their respective basketball IQ, overall conditioning and skill level. Our staff is made up of former players from every level and coaches who have coached and worked with players from elementary all the way to the NBA.


Question 4. What makes your program different from other programs?

Our program stands out from others because we are program is based on teaching the game from a fundamental aspect. Before we can teach any kid anything advanced a players must demonstrate a certain knowledge and skills set. We break the game of basketball down from an academic perspective and focuses on finer teaching points that usually go overlooked by many programs. We wont sacrifice the program for one player or for the cost of winning. We are a program run on integrity, that develops the whole student athlete. We properly evaluate players and create a healthy environment needed to help players attain their respective goals.